Developing “Wikis”

In today’s world of online marketing, the Wiki has become a powerful tool for rapidly and inexpensively creating brand or company awareness. Wiki (The term “Wiki” is a play on the Hawaiian expression “Wiki Wiki” for fast.) sites enable users to write a review or commentary about a subject or product quickly and easily using a standard web browser.

Because additions and changes take place in real time, ideas and commentary can sweep through the online community almost instantaneously, just like a blog, providing a powerful method for reaching thousands of current and future customers, employees, and business partners near simultaneously. And since they are so easy to create and alter, private Wiki sites provide an inexpensive way to communicate and collaborate with employees and business colleagues around the globe. Use the following tips and suggestions when developing a Wiki:

How Do You Create a Wiki?

Wikis are extremely easy to create. They require no special software, HTML background, or programming skill. Users simply type information into a Web browser and click the appropriate button. That’s it.

You can create Wikis using a variety of methods. For example, you can post your own topic on a pre-existing site such as Wikispace, which offers free Wiki service with 2G of space, enables you to host an unlimited number of users, and allows readers to add all the messages and edits they want. You can even post Wikis on sites such as or the user developed online encyclopedia Wikipedia ( You can also use your own software to create a Wiki, which you can then post on a Wiki hosting site such as Wikicities.

How Do You Get People to Look at Your Wiki?

There are numerous Wiki search engines, including one called Wikia. Once you sign up to be part of this community you can add your own Wiki to the search engine, which users will use to find topics about you and your products.

What Information Should You Put In A Wiki?

A Wiki is like an encyclopedia entry that every user that visits the page will read and edit.

Therefore you should provide any information you think people want to know about your company or your products. You could develop a Wiki about a single product or technology. For example, you could create one revolving around Radio Frequency

Identification (RFID) printers, and ask users to post messages and commentary about the features and products they like best. The information you gain will provide you with valuable information you can use for sales and marketing efforts.

Concluding Thoughts

I hope that you enjoyed this article and that it will help you supercharge your marketing effort, leading to increased sales. Thanks for reading!

Arlina Josse

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